Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the last four days...

hello faithful readers, (if you still read this then that is what you are now called!) our family is currently sitting in a McDonald's in france...picking up free wifi. the french say it "weeefee"... now would probably be a good time to say that i am not particulary fond of french people. they are quite egotistical..they don't even have a freaking second language. i'm pretty sure that says it all. but on top of that they have these hoity-toity attitudes, like "psssh, i'm better than you" kinda thing.
anyway. saturday we left germany and drove 11 hours to coutances near normany, france. sunday morning we looked for a church but we went to the beach instead. yesterday (monday) we spent a few hours in the sun. i got mom to lather on the tanning lotion..and when we got back to the house i realized i had a nasty burn. i went european style face down with no top, so everything is cherry tomato red except for my white butt. it's quite a site!
the house that we are staying in is about 100 years old, three bedrooms, made of stone. it's quite lovely actually. well, maybe you will hear from me soon, maybe not!

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