Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the last four days...

hello faithful readers, (if you still read this then that is what you are now called!) our family is currently sitting in a McDonald's in france...picking up free wifi. the french say it "weeefee"... now would probably be a good time to say that i am not particulary fond of french people. they are quite egotistical..they don't even have a freaking second language. i'm pretty sure that says it all. but on top of that they have these hoity-toity attitudes, like "psssh, i'm better than you" kinda thing.
anyway. saturday we left germany and drove 11 hours to coutances near normany, france. sunday morning we looked for a church but we went to the beach instead. yesterday (monday) we spent a few hours in the sun. i got mom to lather on the tanning lotion..and when we got back to the house i realized i had a nasty burn. i went european style face down with no top, so everything is cherry tomato red except for my white butt. it's quite a site!
the house that we are staying in is about 100 years old, three bedrooms, made of stone. it's quite lovely actually. well, maybe you will hear from me soon, maybe not!

Monday, June 20, 2011

the italiano boy

hey friends,

   Last thursday night was the commencement of our high school graduates.  One of my best friends, Marley was graduating so I went to see all the action.  The guy that I have liked for 8 months graduated too.  This makes me sad because my chances with him are pretty much zilch now that I won't be seeing him anymore... in the hallways or in Art class or law..
   Back when i started liking him in November it wasn't me that started the crushing  or whatever... Like obviously it was but that is beside the point.   One day in Art class i was just sitting there while we were watching some pictures flash on the screen.  Looking around I noticed the Italiano staring at me.  He looked away.. two minutes later, out of curiosity I took another peek.  He was looking at me again!  Now this may seem really lame but i was the WTH why is he staring at me??? I'm not showing any cleavage, nor did i spill anything on my shirt or have food in my teeth.  It was so weird.  That same day he was talking to me in his deep, smooth lovely voice and he walked past me a bunch of times and smelled so goood. =) That was the day I started liking him..  The third Wednesday in November.
   I'll give you a quick description of him:  he's 18. plays basketball and soccer.  has great hair, it's really textured and nice. sandy blond.  he has AMAZING green eyes... wow.  and red lips and a little, hardly noticeable scar on his lip..hmm.  he kinda has monkey ears.. hehe.  and a cute smile.  he's like the picture perfect poster boy model dude...  anyway
   My friends encouraged me (even though he knows who i am) to go up to him and be like: "for the amount of eye contact we make, I thought it appropriate to introduce myself."   But i didn't.
   Anyway, now he is graduated and I've heard he has interests in some other girl but I'm still crushing on him.... a lot.  I wish it would go away...

well.... Italiano... if you read this you know who you are... make a move on me already.  haha just kidding. ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

31 days and counting.

hello friends!

Our family of nine (yes, seven kids.) is leaving for Europe in 31 days. Our nanny who was with us in 2010 is getting married. She lives in Germany. We are spending 40
Days there which is over 5 weeks! I'm super duper stoked! We are spending two weeks in Germany, two weeks in France and one week
On the French Riviara (sp?) which will be beautiful. I will be taking my little iPod touch
along for the trip and supposing that there will be wifi I will be updating my blog nightly. Soon packing will begin!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

it's been a while

hello anyone who might be reading this:
it's been awhile! so much stuff has happened since I last wrote a blog post.  I'll tell you something exciting! I had a boyfriend... i know a while ago, i wrote that I didn't. So i thought i would update you!

so.. I met him in Ottawa on a 4-H trip conference.  We hit it off right at the beginning and we were hanging out like old friends.. funny thing was, I wasn't really interested in him.  I thought his friend was cute.  Anyways.  He kinda started hanging out with me a lot.. almost following me around like a lost puppy dog.. then i started realizing a few things:  he had this  spunk  about him,  his eyes really sparkled and he had an amazing smile.  Then a little attraction formed.  we were together like the whole time and on the Tuesday night of the trip I decided I liked him.  Oh another thing I forgot to mention is that he lived in Newfoundland...which means he had an amazingly cute accent.  That was a huge turn on!! =)  so, one day Jarrett and me were walking around this random museum and we went into this Indian movie theatre thing and we sat down.  Then he started holding my hand.  inside i was like "eeeeek"  we sat there and talked for an hour and a half.  It was so great.  when it was time to go, he got up first and stood in front of me.  Then he took my hand, pulled me up, and kissed me on the lips. hehe. Ok as I previously stated I am now going to put a little bit of my journal in here... be prepared.

april 14th, 2011   2:38 am

dear diary!

Jarrett kissed me twice today!!!!!!! yeah.  and the week is over and I'm going to miss him so much.  we danced like the entire time and he is a great two-stepper.   Yeah, so we like each other.  We went to the Canadian Museum of Civilizations and him and me hung out alone the whole time.  We went into this little theatre thingy and held hands in there for an hour and a half.  while watching the same show about seventeen times in french and english. He is a really great guy.  At the end we stood up and he pulled me in and kissed me. On the lips,  *insert scream here*  yeah.  And we kissed once at the dance too.  It was so quick.  I wasn't ready.  It's funny, we were resting on the edges drinking water and holding hands. Then he said "ready?" i thought he meant to go back and dance, so i said yes.  So i turned to him and he kissed me.  The second one was much better.  The end.

he's cute. hehe.

yes so we were together for just over a month.  It was amazing, he treated me like a princess and we loved each other.  It's over now, but instead of crying that it's over I'm smiling that it happened.

until next time

We R family

Yesterday the clouds sent us a good sized dump of fresh white snow.  School was cancelled and I was put in charge of the three youngest children.  Their names are Amy (7),  Leah (5), and Zee (2.75).  Since I didn't want to be a "meanie" and give them endless chores and tasks we compiled a list of things to do.
Our list went something like this:  fold laundry,  sort toys, play Wii,  play in the snow,  lunch,  nap for Zee, and free time for the girls.
The snow kept coming down, meanwhile we sorted toys and the kids watched CBC kids.  The kids wanted to go in the snow sooo badly.  But I kept distracting them, trying to hold off for just another half an hour.  Finally, after we had tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch, it was time to get dressed.
We were outside for a grand total of about an hour: during this time we took about a 100 pictures on our walk down our long driveway.

...long time ago.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

boys boys boys

     Hello!   Ever heard the saying  "_____ can't live with them, can't live without them."  Tonight, I am filling in that blank with the work boys.   I have to start off by saying that personally, I do not have loads of experience in the guy department.   I've never had a boyfriend, or been on a date.  (Actually I get nervous even when I just think about dates.)   But what I have experienced is the embarrassment and sting of guys when they make a jerk move.  Two guys come into mind when I think about this.
     The first and most recent is Aaron*, a friend since childhood.  He goes to my church.  He is nothing spectacular, just cute; and what I thought was an all-around nice guy.   Two nights ago I was chatting with him online, (i might have kinda-sorta liked him) and he was very conversational!    The first unusual thing he said was "yeah I was actually thinking about you at school today."  Of course I was flattered.  Later he said something funny and I commented "haha you just made my day."  He replied with "well you make my day everyday so I guess we're even."  I bet the first thing you are thinking is "wow is she ever gullible!"  Guess I was.  Turns out he was just joking around.  Boy, it was a funny joke. hahaha.
     Three weeks ago there was this big halloween party and I was thinking of going with a friend of mine.  The night before I was texting Kent* a friend from Math class.  He was going to the party also, he's like "are you coming wanna hook up.."  All this random stuff of how we could be a thing, "this would be the start of something good."   I thought he was kidding.  It turned out that I went to another party, but at 8 that night he texted to check that i was coming.  That night at 11, i go on Facebook and Kent is in a relationship.  With a girl that he called a slut not 24 hours before.  I felt humiliated.  It was almost as it he did it to spite me.
     Through these couple of incidents I have come to realize three things:

1.  Guys can be jerks.

2.  Guys can be assholes.

3.  And guys can be nice.

   Maybe the third is wishful thinking,  but by looking at the past I believe it is true.  I'll just have to wait my turn.  Boys will be boys.

*names have been changed to protect the identity of certain idiots

Saturday, November 20, 2010


My favourite TV show of all time would have to be FRIENDS.  This show is enjoyed by me, not just because of the relentless humour but because of their genuine care for one another.  Just as the theme song states: they will be there for each other.  And they are.
Friends are almost the most important thing we can have.  I have many friends but my three closest and I have made a little group.  We call ourselves the "fantastic four" and we are a compilation of two sets of BFFs.  We do random things like our Wednesdays.
Since, Weds. is kind of a blah day, smack dab in the middle of the week, we decided to make it a fun day.   On a four week rotation we take turns and we each have a day.  That person is in charge of what we will be wearing that day.  To date we have had a sweatpants day, scarf and cardigan day, pullover hoodie day, flip flop day, no make up day,  slippers day, and many more.
The most recent thing we have done was Out For Lunch day.  That was yesterday while the rest of the school went ice skating.  It is probably the most daring and rebellious thing we have done so far!  We went to a local restaurant and enjoyed good company and good eats.  Then we went for coffee.
Coming up, we have our Christmas Gift Exchange which will be at KI's house.   Some things that the four of us value are: our relationships with God, our families, honesty, and humour.
At a later date i will tell you more about my close friends.  Until then.